Black Gold School Division
New Sarepta Elementary

Take Me Outside

On Wednesday, October 26th, New Sarepta Elementary will participate in “Take Me Outside” day by spending one hour outside. Please be sure to dress appropriately for the weather on this, and every other day. A connection to nature and time spent outside is invaluable to building optimal mental, emotional, social and physical health for every child and youth. Research supports the links between a child’s connection with nature and their health. Increased outdoor time can be directly connected to improved physical activity levels, higher academic achievement, decreased child injury rates, increased attention spans, positive social interaction and increased engagement at school, home and in the community. For the first time in our history, today’s generation of Canadian children have a shorter predicted life span than their parents’ generation. Rates of obesity and diabetes are reaching epidemic proportions. Children and youth are spending more sedentary time indoors in front of screens and they are losing their connection with the outdoors and their communities. As communities, schools, parents, teachers and young people, we can make positive changes to these statistics.